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What We Offer

Accepting the addiction and need to overcome it is very important before enrolling into any rehabilitation centre. After realizing the need for cure, it is best to survey various rehabilitation centres and know which the best is around their locality to offer treatment. As a rehabilitation centre here is what we offer:

1. Cost effective: We know that the families of the patient undergo financial crisis and hence our treatments are made affordable. We give free medicines for in-patients and have free counselling sessions by counsellors as well as addicts speak out their experiences who have overcome their addiction. We have contact programmes with family and relatives which are of short stay and are absolutely at low cost than available elsewhere.

2. Location: Our rehabilitation centre is in the midst of nature, away from the noise and pollution of the city. It is a serene and calm place for a patient to introspect and analyze one’s life. It has basic amenities and includes a spacious meditation centre, a well maintained garden and park with fresh breeze with the birds chirping around, and a play ground where the patient can spend time either walking, or playing to avoid and divert their mind from the cravings of drugs or alcohol.

3. Treatment Strategy: We have a very good experienced team of physician, counsellor and therapist available round the clock to deal with any physical or psychological emergency. We do have good nursing care for addicts requiring special medical attention.

4. Aftercare Services: We conduct fortnightly contact programme with the patient and their families separately and assess the improvement and response to therapy. There are several contact and group therapy programmes with addicts and those recovered, so that they can share their recovery process and effects of de addiction. We teach the unemployed certain skills so that they too are accepted back in the society and can earn a decent living and lead a healthy life

5. Psychiatric counselling: We have experienced counsellors who deal with addiction in depth. They try to understand the root cause of the problem and effective easy therapies to deal with it individually. We have family counsellors who are well versed with family counselling to help the addict along with the family to turn away from addiction. Our approach is psychometric.

6. Medicines: We do offer free medicines required to overcome addiction and the withdrawal effects.

Strong will power and dedication coupled with motivation from family and relatives, along with the positive feedback and good medical help from experts in rehabilitation centres, successful de addiction is possible in an addict.